Management & Governance at Futureworks

Futureworks is committed to transparency and good governance in all of its activities, and strives to conduct its affairs in a responsible and transparent way.  It has adopted the CUC Higher Education Code of Governance, which sets out the core values of good governance in Higher Education and the primary elements of governance that support those values.  Governance of Futureworks is conducted according to the Seven Principles identified by the Nolan Committee on Standards in Public Life, and follows the Public Interest Governance Principles established by the Office for Students.

Futureworks is governed by the Board of Directors, who ensure the success of Futureworks by setting the strategic direction and ensuring that the mission, goals and objectives are achieved.  The Board is accountable to shareholders and meets legal, statutory and regulatory requirements, while acknowledging its responsibilities to stakeholders.  The Futureworks Board is committed to following ethical practices in all its activities and is chaired by an independent, external non-executive Director.

The Board of Directors has established the Academic Board as the senior Futureworks academic authority at Futureworks.  Subject to the Articles of Association and the overall responsibility of the Board of Directors, the Academic Board is charged with acting as the overarching authority and decision making body for all matters concerning academic strategies and policies, academic standards, curriculum design and development, the organisation of teaching, assessment and research and the overall quality of learning opportunities and student welfare.