Meeting minutes

Audit & Risk Assurance Committee

The Audit & Risk Assurance Committee helps the Board of Directors ensure adequate and effective risk management, control and governance (including ensuring the probity of the financial statements), the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the institution’s activities and the management and quality assurance of data which it provides to funding bodies.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the management of Futureworks.  The Board sets the strategic direction, and ensures that the mission, goals and objectives are achieved.  It is accountable to shareholders and meets legal, statutory and regulatory requirements, while acknowledging its responsibilities to stakeholders. The Futureworks Board is committed to following ethical practices in all its activities.  

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee exists to ensure that financial planning and control is robust and complies with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements, and is in accordance with the vision, mission, values and policies of Futureworks.  It ensures that financial planning and control contribute to the fulfilment of strategies, goals, objectives and action plans, the safeguarding of academic standards and the quality of learning opportunities and student welfare.